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*stöhn* Wieso Gibt’s eigentlich so viele FFs, in denen Kaiba und Yonouchi *aus Versehen* im Bett miteinander landen und sich dann erst hinterher mögen lernen...? ôO Und warum kommt einem das bei den beiden so logisch vor...?

Der Plan: Mal was anderes – englische Fic! Irgendwie führte die Szene halt leider nirgendwo hin, aber ich finde, für ne Fremdsprache ist sie überraschend unscheiße.^^; Einige Teile des Dialogs mag ich heute noch. Außerdem fand ich es immer irgendwie lustig, dass es *tatsächlich* so was wie One Night Stand-Etikette Gibt!


4.30 am: Violation Of Rules

„Kaiba“, Jonouchi panted as soon as he´d found his voice somewhere inside his mangled organism, „Why me?!“

The other boy let himself collapse on the bed next to his prey.

„I heard you were easy,“ he said reasonably, his voice exceptionally sound and sober for someone who had screamed his lungs out in ecstasy only half a minute ago. Jonouchi hadn´t checked, but he was quite sure that Kaiba´s bedroom was sound-proof or something, or else the CEO would´ve never let himself go like that. „And I heard it right.“

Jonouchi felt himself blush at this statement. Well, being as enthusiastic about himself as he was, of course he knew he WAS damn hot, to both men and women, and he was always in for that kind of fun. But even he hadn´t expected his least favourite person in the world to ravish him in like an animal in a dark hallway. And he definitely hadn´t expected himself to submit to this treatment.

But once he had gotten over the initial irritation, he had been, well, he had been in for that kind of fun, as always.

He was about to lash out a snarky reply when he realised he was too awkward to think of one. He knew this phenomenon all too well, and it still puzzled him. He never quite understood how two people could screw each other senseless in every depraved way they were prone of, and say the sweetest dirtiest things to each other while at it, and then suddenly feel weird, embarrassed and shy while the sheets dried.

Kaiba, on the other hand, didn´t look the least embarrassed or awkward. In fact, he looked quite comfortable, and very attractively so. He stretched out on said sheets, deliciously dripping with sweat, and looked as laid-back as Jonouchi had never seen him before. He even realised with some amazement that he was halfway to doze off. He´d never thougt that Kaiba was the type to get all comfy and snuggly after sex.

His doubt was confirmed a minute later, when Kaiba raised his head from the pillow, staring at him with sleepy blue eyes. If he looked like this, brunette hair all dishevelled, gaze all misty, his face calm and less vigilant, he almost looked nice, almost…harmless. But all doubts of who he was were removed when he opened his mouth.

„Close the door behind you when you leave.“

Jonouchi shot a quick glance at the huge panorama window. The curtains were down, but he could hear the distinct sound of heavy rain washing down the pavement. Not that he was keen on staying in Kaibas bed all night, but…he couldn´t possibly be serious, could he…? At least, Kaiba was the one who bit HIS earlobe first, and not the other way around!

„Waddaya mean: leave?“ he queried carefully.

Kaiba made a small, moaning sound. And it wasn´t the kind of approving moan Jonouchi had heard from this lips not so long ago. „What could I mean? I mean out. To YOUR home. YOUR bed. That kind of thing. You know.“

Face met pillow. The CEO wasn´t open to negotiations, obviously.

Jonouchi felt a sudden pang in his stomach, he didn´t exactly know what caused it. It surely wasn´t something emotional, but he felt the urge to argue his case.

„Look,“ he started, talking to the tousled back of Kaiba´s head, „I don´t expect you to offer me French breakfast or a foot rub when I get up, but at least you could offer me a guest room…or a couch…or a cab. There are some basic rules to One Night Stands that even YOU must admit. Believe me. I know more about the etiquettes of Hit-n-Run-fucking than you ever will!“

He bit his tongue when he realised that this last statement didn´t exactly flatter him much.

„What I mean is, you cannot jump me like a rabid drake in spring and then chuck me out in the rain.“ He crossed his arms on his chest and suddenly wished he had his pants back on. He had the slight feeling this whole little speech to save his dignity would´ve been stronger with his pants back on. Or if he´d at least known where the hell they were.

Not that Kaiba looked up, anyway.

„You´ll find out I can,“ came a muffled reply out of the depths of the pillow. „This is a single-sized bed. I can´t sleep when someone is taking up my space.“

Jonouchi glanced around the regal bed they were lying in. It was huge enough even if they had decided to take on a mad orgy with the entire crew of the Titanic. He couldn´t believe Kaiba was THAT lame at thinking out lame after-sex excuses.

*Single-sized bed.* He knew Kaiba had a big ego, but this was too much.

„I know you think I´m a no-brainer,“ he snarled, „but you don´t need to insult the bit of brains I got. At least say something remotely credible like you hafta get up early for work tomorrow or somethin.“

„Thanks for reminding me,“ Kaiba sighed. „Actually I do. And this whole post-coital conversation starts to wear me off. Go and find yourself a bus. Domino still HAS buses, right? Not that I would know.“

The humiliation was burning its way through Jonouchi´s system while he cursed, searching for his clothes in the dark. If SOMEONE was old enough to fuck around, SOMEONE should be mature enough to show the least bit of decency. If people ended up in Jonouchi´s bed in a night like this, they would at least get a coffee in the morning, and an aspirin when necessary, and a polite, although dishonest, promise he´d call them again. That was the least one could do. In the world of casual sex, you had to do things like this, even if your name WAS Kaiba, dammit!

And whose socks were those…? His? Fuck, every single boy in the world wore black socks, how was one supposed to tell them apart? And if Kaiba had to seal his monogram on absolutely everything, why didn´t he label his socks?

Jonouchi put them on. Who cared. He was quite sure that Kaiba could afford new socks.

After some fleeting minutes – he didn´t feel the desire to hang around – he was restored and ready to face the soaking night. At least he could leave like a proud man and not like some little…well…

He turned his head to the slender figure spread on the bed and felt the sudden urge to bother him one last time. If he couldn´t make him feel as miserable as he was, he could at least BOTHER him. He was good at that.

He didn´t get any reaction when he kicked the bed the first time, but after a few more attempts, maybe twelve, he heard a groan.


No sound. None.

„Lend me money.“

The dishevelled head rose from the pillow with an exhausted hiss. „What?“

Jonouchi gritted his teeth. The sour spot in this little payback was that he was honest.

„The Bus. You know, you have to PAY for the bus. I have nothin on me. If you want me to disappear, you´ll have to help me out.“

Now the other one was really looking at him. Looking at him as if he´d considered to have him beaten up and dumped in some parking lot, for a more effective resolution.

„I was supposed to return with Honda, but then we made out, and he picked up my sister instead and took her to God Knows Where. And you´re responsible. And you see, if there´s no bus, I´ll have to take a taxi, and that´s more expensive.“ he reasoned. „So we better make it a little more.“

He stretched out his hand. He knew this gesture was a little over the top, but he was warming up to it. It was at the same time remotely humiliating and highly amusing.

Kaiba had been right. This WAS wearing him off. He looked tired, stressed, and wary. And still unfamiliar since he was up to his neck in a blanket.

But it was only a few moments until he started to smirk. A little first, then full blast like he always did when he taunted Jonouchi with the same uninspired insults he used since they first met. He stretched out a naked arm and pointed towards a little table near the door.

„Your money´s on the table,“ he commented, „Bitch.“

Jonouchi drew his head back and was about to explode…would have exploded…if this whole situation wouldn´t have been so…old.

Instead, he found himself hissing in exhaustion now. „Just found yourself a new dimension of snarking, didn´t you?“

The other one smirked wider, but looked a little caught. „Yes, I think I did.“

Well, at least there really was money on that table.

Jonouchi stuffed it into his jacket before he turned to kick the bed once again.

The one on the bed didn´t move. There was no chance for a reaction whatsoever.

„This was the worst violation of casual sex rules I ever saw,“ Jonouchi spat. „Just so you know.“

„Cut it,“ Kaiba responded, „I´ve had my share of rule-violation for tonight.“
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