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Tripod: Xbox-SonG

Ich liebe dieses Lied. Die Hymne für Frauen, die Männer lieben, die ihre Videospielkonsole (oder andere Spiele) leider noch viel mehr lieben. *G*


Gonna make you happy tonight.
Oh, sugar.
Give my love to you, Oh baby.
Gonna make you feel so right.

Spend some time with you,
Do the things you want me to.
Gonna make some sweet, sweet love, sugar.
So get ready, ooh, get ready, get ready.
Get ready for lovin',

Before we get down to love,
….I just gotta finish this level.
You see, I got a high...score tonight.
And I just want to save my game.

Well, I'll be with you in a minute,
Sweet darling, baby, honey.
I love how you dance for me.
Could you move a little to the left, baby?
I can't see the TV.

Baby, I can't want 'till we start,
It's just that the save points are quite far apart,
In this game, baby.

This bit's got a multi-player section, honey,
Maybe you can operate a turret with me.
Would you like that, baby?
Games give you hand-eye co-ordination,
And spacial intelligence, together with.. map-reading skills.
Oh, sugar.

Turn the lights down low...
Turn the lights down, just a little bit lower, baby.
Turn the lights down low...
It's just that it helps me feel like I'm in a spaceship.

Sweet, sweet love,

Oooh, you look so great to me Baby.
Have you brushed your teeth yet?
Take your time, no hurry.
It's just that I'm not tired.
Are you tired?
I'll see you in the bed, then.
You might want to take a book.
Ooo ooo oooh, You're so fine, Baby.
You know I can't stop thinking about you, baby.
And all of the magic coins that I need to collect.

See, I just gotta find one more point of armour class,
And then I can take on the robots of Zirgon B,
And then we can make love...

I think this X-Box
Is the best present I ever bought
For you, Baby!
12.5.06 14:54

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Rei / Website (13.5.06 10:03)
Ich warte auf die passende Songfic dazu .... XD
*auf das oben erwähnte Pairing deut* *.*

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