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Once Inui had abandoned his logic, he tended to go painfully overboard.

Now was the time. Now he needed to confess to Kaidoh, before any other interruptions occurred. His acceptance rate was currently at 90 percent. Inui couldn’t risk any further upsets. “Kaidoh, may I talk with you a moment?”

Kaidoh marked his place in his math text and looked up. “Hai senpai?”

“We have been competing as a doubles team for a little over a month, correct?” One month, two weeks, four days, and eight hours to be precise. Kaidoh would think Inui’s precision to be annoying in this case though (88 percent probability), so Inui stuck with a summary. “In that time we have become friends, yes?”

“Hai.” Kaidoh’s expression was a little bored but slightly intrigued. If Inui could maintain this rate through his confession, there was only a 14 percent chance Kaidoh would hit Inui if kissed after Inui’s confession.

“I find myself…dissatisfied with our friendship.” As the words left Inui’s mouth, he knew he’d messed up. The narrowing of Kaoru’s eyes further proved his hypothesis.

“I’m sorry I’ve become a burden on you, senpai. I will inform buchou that we are no longer playing doubles. Fssshu.” Kaidoh’s fists were clenched and Inui’s acceptance rating had dropped to 73 percent.

“Kaoru! Inui-kun! Dessert!” Kaoru’s mother called.

“I didn’t mean to say it that way, Kaidoh.” Inui spoke hurriedly. Any minute now the brat would be sent to fetch them and barge in. “I mean to say that I would rather our friendship progress beyond its current limitations. I…” Inui heard footsteps, light but jaunty. It would be Hazue. There was no time left. Kaoru was still hissing quietly, not understanding or not listen (the latter being the most probable) to a thing Inui said. Deciding that Kaoru was more a man of action than talk anyhow, Inui did the one thing sure to discover if Kaidoh would accept him or not.

Inui kissed him.

Kaidoh had always featured his first kiss to be something of an elaborate affair. He would be standing on a hill with a girl and, with the full moon large behind them, they would kiss. It would be light and taste like cotton candy bubble gum. An owl would fly across the moon just as their lips parted, then they would stare deeply into eachother’s eyes and sigh. The night would sigh with them. Then Kaidoh would walk her home and, shyly, give her a kiss on the cheek.

The reality of his first kiss proved to be quite different. The reality of his first kiss was the feeling of Inui’s arms biting into Kaidoh’s as the older boy held him close. The reality was a wet, minty kiss that lasted seconds longer and was backlit by the reading light at Kaidoh’s desk. The reality was Kaidoh’s mother walking in on them. The reality was Hazue staring, wide-eyed at them from the hallway. The reality was going to get him grounded, beaten and…why was his mother sighing?

“Kaoru, you didn’t tell us Inui-kun was your boyfriend.” Kaidoh-san’s eyes were wide and the mamushi swore he saw little hearts in them.

“This is so gross,” Hazue wheezed, clutching at his stomach.

“Hazue, don’t be rude!” Kaidoh-san smacked her younger son on the head with a dish towel. “I think it’s best not to tell your father yet, though. He’ll need time to adjust.” She grabbed Hazue’s arm and moved him out of the room. “Let’s all go down to desert now, before your father suspects anything is wrong.” Kaidoh-san gave a final, sparkling smile to Inui before pulling Hazue along after her.

No, this wasn’t how Kaidoh pictured his first kiss at all.

Whisper Reilman: The Second Notebook
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